Nazwa ID do Autoloot'a Obrazek Gdzie sprzedasz.
Aerodactly's wing 8874 NPC Gaby
Amethyst pendant 10251 NPC Gaby
Apple Bite 10356 NPC Juanito
Bag of polem 10236 NPC Juanito
Belt of champion 10378 NPC Gaby
Big Pearl 8886 NPC Gaby
Big Mushroom 8878 NPC Gaby
Bone 10391 NPC Gaby
Bug Antena 10367 NPC Gaby
Bug Venom 10368
Bulb 10237 NPC Gaby
Charizard's wing 8867 NPC Gaby
Comb 10362 NPC Gaby
Crab claw 10390 Oba NPC
Dewgong's tail 8865 NPC Gaby
Dragon nail 10252 NPC Gaby
Dragonair's tail 8873 NPC Gaby
Dragonite's wing 8872 NPC Gaby
Electric box 10359 NPC Gaby
Electric tail 10318 NPC Gaby
Fire essence 10259 NPC Juanito
Fire potion 10233 Oba NPC
Fox tail 10363 NPC Gaby
Fur 10364 NPC Juanito
Future Orb 10377 NPC Gaby
Gosme 10385 NPC Gaby
Green apple bite 8875 NPC Gaby
Hamburger 10434
Horn 10249

NPC Gaby


ID do Autoloot'a Obrazek Gdzie sprzedasz.
Hotdog 10431
Ice bra 10317 NPC Gaby
Ice orb 10384 NPC Gaby
Iman 10381 NPC Gaby
Kingler's pincers 8866 NPC Gaby
Leaves 10238 NPC Juanito
Linearly guided hypnose 10389 NPC Gaby
Locksmith of shell 10386 NPC Gaby
Magma box 8868 NPC Gaby
Marowak's mask 8877 NPC Gaby
Mimic clothes 10315 NPC Gaby
Mushroom 10366 NPC Gaby
Nail 10250 NPC Juanito
Onix tail 10388 NPC Gaby
Pikachu's tail 8881 NPC Gaby
Pizza 10438
Pot of fresh water 8885 NPC Gaby
Pot of moss bug 10354 NPC Juanito
Psychic spoon 10376 NPC Gaby
Raichu's tail 8882 NPC Gaby
Rare candy 2682
Rat tail 10357 NPC Gaby
Red gem 8884 NPC Gaby
Ruby 10371 NPC Gaby
Sandbag 10360 NPC Juanito
Screw 10261 NPC Juanito
Scythe 10316 NPC Gaby
Seed 10260 NPC Juanito
Small stone 1294 NPC Juanito
Nazwa ID do Autoloot'a Obrazek Gdzie sprzedasz.
Squirtle hull 10251 Oba NPC
Stone orb 10379 NPC Gaby
Trace of ghost 10387 NPC Gaby
Wartortle hull 8869 NPC Gaby
Water gem 10258 NPC Juanito
Water orb 8880 NPC Gaby
Water pendant 10353 NPC Juanito
Wool ball 10370 NPC Gaby

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